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Helping others has never been more fun or convenient.

Bridging the gap in social and service through interactive events & digital technology that generate physical resources for non-profits and communities in need.

Interactive Events

Digital Technology

Community Partnership

Turn impact into habit for better humanity.

The way we connect socially & engage as communities has evolved. Serve & Jam leverages natural social and digital habits to expand how we support our communities and fundamentally change the way social services are offered. We bridge the gap in social and service activities to support communities, improve sustainability, reduce waste, and bolster the economy .


What We Offer

Serve and Jam provides creative social and digital means to connect with others and serve the community through communal engagement and high-tech.


Interactive Events

Service parties and events that provide fun ways to connect, engage, and serve... all at the same time. We incorporate interactive and gamified elements to promote participation in activities that result in resources directly benefiting local communities.


Digital Platform

Digital application leveraging sophisticated machine learning & data analytics to expand social networks for social causes. Integrated platform for donating the top basic human necessities to those in need beyond locality and through one convenient service with a broad reach.

Coming Soon!


Community Partnership

Partner with local non-profits and community organizations to distribute resources, support meaningful causes, and improve local communities in the way they need it most. Resources generated from events and our mobile application provide food, transportation, shelter, & more.


Social Integration, Convenience, & Fun!

Helping others can be easy and gratifying! Most people don't volunteer because they don't have time, don't make time, or don't find it enjoyable. We make helping others fun, convenient, and impactful through our variety of offerings and specialized elements.

Serve the community and have some fun!

Serve & Jam allows you to party and serve to increase giving back through natural, enjoyable habits.  We provide service events for corporations looking to increase and diversify giving, engage employees, and support their local communities in a fun environment.


By combining the social and service aspects, individuals support social initiatives, give their time, and personally connect to causes while having fun through curated service parties to support those in need. Our care kit production and distribution also helps organizations better quantify charitable giving impact and reach to support their contributions.

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Explore Our Pricing Options

Contact us to host your service party today! We donate one care kit to support the homeless for each new client demo. Get started to learn more & plan your next event.

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Learn more about our service parties and events today!

One care kit donated for each new client demo.

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Ready to have fun & serve? Plan your service party today!

Planning & Coordination

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Staff & MC

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- starting price up to 50 people -

Get Ready to Engage Employees and Improve Social Responsibility.

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